Ashley Lyon

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Ashley Lyon

Design Lead

Ashley Lyon is responsible for creating and directing Madison + Fifth’s design efforts.  She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts, specializing in Advertising and Graphic Design with a minor in Fine Arts, from The Columbus College of Art and Design (CCAD).

Ashley’s first post-graduate position was with a small agency where she was given art direction responsibilities and stayed for three years.  She then opted to give fashion brand contract work a try – executing website, online advertising and email campaign design.  Her true joy is found in the client relationships that can develop in the small agency space.  Timing is everything and we lucked out in being the right fit at the right moment!

Ashley’s design skills are wide-ranging, from digital to print, and always with an intention to engage.  She enjoys talking through the marketing purpose behind a design and brings custom elements that reflect our clients’ brand.

In her free time, Ashley enjoys spending time with friends and family in Eastern Ohio where she grew up on a 30-acre spread.  She’s committed to Big Brothers Big Sisters and enjoys fostering dogs.  Her miniature Pinscher-Chihuahua mix Chloe is the result of a ‘foster fail’ where she fell in love with her temporary charge and adopted her.

Font Conference


Well, it’s not actually an upcoming Font Conference. It’s a great comedy short titled Font Conference that makes us laugh every time.

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