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treehouseIT — our Go To Team

We rely on treehouseIT for our own internal networking, security and information technology needs so we always recommend them with confidence.

We do not supply email service for our website clients. The numerous methods for connecting to email service and configuration of all of these are unique to each company and client team so we leave email filtering and security options to our trusted, outsourced IT experts.

treehouseIT gets the job done efficiently, promptly and oftentimes without having to make a physical visit by using remote desktop technology.

They can remotely monitor small business networks, alert and fix issues related to viruses or performance issues.

When we provide our website and other digital services, we often find that clients are in need of information technology support as well. The treehouseIT team is a reliable, cost-efficient referral partner. You’ll ‘deal direct’ with them but we consider them a valued part of our expert team.

Contact Scott Gray at  (614) 859-6389.

A World of Change


It’s startling to realize that we now have bandwidth so broad and technology that is so powerful that we can watch these time-lapse videos of great cities of the world on our phones. If you can’t leave the office, these will make you start thinking about it.

Connect with Chris Shirer, our chief strategist, at (614) 246-7770 to learn more about how we’re different cats when it comes to digital or drop us an email here.

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