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There are many platforms delivering rapid website development (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Bootstrap, Evoq, Sitefinity to name a few). We are always test driving new options and make selections based on our clients’ requirements and team preferences.

The characteristics we consider when choosing web building and content management systems:

Open Source
Functionality can be extended using custom development to meet specific client needs.

Easy to Manage
Website content management systems (CMS) should be powerful but easy to work, feature a solid array of custom tools (modules or plug-ins) that can be customized to fit web managers’ needs. When functionality needs to be more advanced, we train web managers how to access that functionality.

Managed Security
Is the platform stable and are responses to known vulnerabilities addressed promptly?  Every website, everywhere, is subject to near constant barrage of automated attacks.  No one likes to think about that fact but making a security assessment a top priority in platform choice is imperative.

We don’t get into debates about platforms and we don’t knock others’ choices. Each platform has its own attributes and risks, and, many times the website’s security is reliant upon who is managing and monitoring, executing proactive and timely updates. We choose tools we feel will work best in the long-term for our clients and their unique situation.

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