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There’s strength in numbers and allies.

Co-Marketing or Cooperative Marketing is a method for joining with a non-competitive business to share similar audiences with a goal of gaining audience share.

If you’ve not partnered with other businesses or, if you have and aren’t sure why your efforts were not fruitful, this training will help you identify the best way to find the right partners and implement successful audience sharing campaigns.

We’ll share how to identify the right kind of cooperative marketing partners, help you define the kind of offers that will be meaningful for both businesses, set realistic goals, assign the value of your cooperative marketing in the context of your overall marketing plan and will address on-going strategy and planning work.

We’ll gather some basics in advance of training about your business category and competitive landscape. The training will:

  • Define your customer / client / guest personas
  • Identify good cooperative marketing partners
  • Define the information your shared customers / clients find valuable
  • Define the type of offers and content that can bring both audiences together for results
  • Set appropriate goals
  • Define who creates the offers, manages the campaigns and how results are shared (legally) with cooperative marketing partners
  • Define how your cooperative marketing is tracked and measured

The goal of this training is to deliver an actionable cooperative marketing plan with potential partners identified, potential offers and campaigns detailed, definition of how and where campaigns are deployed, how customer / client / guest data is shared for future efforts and a plan for tracking and assessing performance.


Good ideas are worth sharing.

“When your customers like each other more than they like you, things can become challenging.”

— Seth Godin
From his blog post, “Connect to” vs. “Connect”

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