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When asked if they create or are aware of their marketing plan each year most small business owners sheepishly admit they don’t make this a priority.

It’s not because they don’t see the value; they simply don’t know what a marketing plan entails and how to assess its value.
Here are the benefits of doing the exercise:

  • When an advertising sales rep walks in your door or calls, you’ll know instantly whether their offer is really something that will move the needle for your business
  • You’ll have an understanding of how to adjust the plan each year
  • You’ll be able to budget appropriately and identify tools and strategies that worked and the tools to use for specific results

We can help you create a marketing plan you can revisit and revise each year as part of your end of year planning and help you do it on your own next year.

Along with practical exercises and tools, we’ll share how to set realistic goals, where marketing goals should fit inside an overall business plan and will address on-going strategy and planning work as you execute campaigns through the year.

We’ll gather some basics in advance of training about your business category and competitive landscape but will work through the majority of this in the training session through the SWOT Analysis. The training will include:

  • A SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) Analysis specific to your business
  • Defining a marketing budget appropriate to your business size and needs
  • Setting goals appropriate to the results of the SWOT and your budget
  • Identifying tools and channels likely to return desired results to meet goals
  • Training in tracking and assessing marketing efforts

The goal of this training is to deliver an actionable marketing plan with recommended tools and channels, provide the means to work the plan independently and assess its effectiveness as it progresses.

Relationships vs. Transactions

Relationships make the world go on.

Every long-term business owner knows that the power of longevity rests in the relationships you’ve formed. They sustain and help grow your business and can even help it survive bad seas.

If your website and email messaging is nothing more than ‘I want to help you spend your money with me!’ it would be good to hit the pause button and factor in some empathy. You’ve got nanoseconds to let your valued customers and prospects know that you’re relationship is two-way and you’re not always trying to get into their wallet via their laptop.

If you’re a craven transaction hound in a commoditized space, there’s still room for capitalizing on your best customers’ good will by following up to gather reviews and referrals. Relationships! They make the world go on.

Connect with Chris Shirer, our chief strategist, at (614) 246-7770 to get started or drop us an email here.

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