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40% to 60% of our clients’ customers are viewing their websites and email campaigns on a mobile device.

Deterimining whether mobile is a place where you can generate revenue is the primary question this training consult answers. We’ll help you define how mobile can work best for your business. Is it simply a good information tool, a lead generator, a customer service channel, a sales channel?

If mobile is a significant potential mover for your business, this training will help you determine the best channels and methods for executing a mobile strategy.

We’ll share how to identify the right kind of mobile marketing tools, help you define the kind of offers that will be meaningful in the mobile space, set realistic goals, assign the value of your mobile marketing in the context of your overall marketing plan and will address on-going strategy and planning work.

We’ll gather some basics in advance of training about your business category and competitive landscape. We’ll need some statistics regarding your current mobile audience (through your website statistics). The training will:

  • Define your mobile customer / client personas
  • Identify good mobile marketing vendors (mobile messaging providers, mobile-friendly email providers, etc.)
  • Define the information your mobile customers / clients / guests find valuable while they’re mobile and/or proximate
  • Define the type of offers and content that can bring mobile users to you
  • Set appropriate goals
  • Define who creates the offers, manages the campaigns and how mobile marketing relationships stay legal
  • Define how your mobile marketing is tracked and measured

The goal of this training is to deliver an actionable mobile marketing plan with potential vendors identified, potential offers and campaigns detailed, definition of how and where campaigns are deployed, how customer / client data is stored for future efforts and a plan for tracking and assessing performance.

A World of Change


It’s startling to realize that we now have bandwidth so broad and technology that is so powerful that we can watch these time-lapse videos of great cities of the world on our phones. If you can’t leave the office, these will make you start thinking about it.

Connect with Chris Shirer, our chief strategist, at (614) 246-7770 to get started or drop us an email here.

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