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It used to be simple.

A handful of channels (radio, tv, newspaper, magazines, direct mail) and you were good! Add in digital and all its nuances, tools and channels (mobile, social, email, website, smartphone apps) and suddenly your marketing mix is complicated.

You need a core understanding of what it means to manage your brand in a digital landscape.

After we talk through your competitive situation and your goals, we’ll create a program tailored to your needs:

  • Define managing your brand in the digital space, specific to your goals, and give you a plan you can work.
  • Determine which channels are most effective for your product or service and train you how use them efficiently and effectively.
  • Define which tool types (proprietary or third-party) are best to meet your goals and train you how to use them efficiently and effectively.
  • Reveal how others in your space are managing their digital brands and provide insight so you can capitalize on their weaknesses and learn from their strengths.

The goal of this training is to deliver a digital brand management plan with recommended tools and channels, provide the means to work the plan independently and assess its effectiveness as it progresses.


Good ideas are worth sharing.

“When your customers like each other more than they like you, things can become challenging.”

— Seth Godin
From his blog post, “Connect to” vs. “Connect”

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