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Interactive design merges art and story with code structure to encourage user engagement.

The ability for a graphic design to become interactive depends on the artist’s training. A true interaction designer has expertise designing on-screen visuals that are intuitive to use and support marketing goals.

Our graphics team is led by an interactive design expert who understands and creates code-driven, responsive page layouts. Our campaigns and websites deliver well from smartphone to tablet to desktop.

What is responsive website design?
Browsers now allow us to reliably deliver one website that scales and reconfigures itself for best viewing across many different screen sizes.  For the majority of small to medium-sized business clients, this is an ideal solution that removes the need to deliver separate mobile versions of a website to support various screen sizes. There are exceptions to the rule when a separate mobile site is required but we know how to assess that and deliver the right solution.

The major benefit of a responsive website is the ability to ‘update once’ rather than managing several website versions.  A responsively-designed website is a single website that provides best viewability by resizing and reconfiguring content based on the visitor’s device.  The art is in defining how the content reconfigures when it’s time to resize on the fly.

All our clients are migrating to this responsive method.  You can see current examples by visiting the following client sites on your smartphone or tablet:

The 2015 Color of the Year


It’s Marsala – according to the Pantone Color Institute.  An “impactful … elegant and grounded” color that emanates “a sophisticated, natural earthiness” that recalls its namesake wine.

Hello, Designers!
We’re always interested in seeing portfolio work to increase the range of styles we support so if you’re a designer with solid understanding of responsive design techniques, get in touch – we’d love to meet you and see your work.

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