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Visual Identity Design is the art of defining the elements that visually represent an organization (or even a person).

The result is a style guide or creative brief that defines the colors, fonts and logo mark with direction for their use in various contexts.

A visual identity design process begins with an exploration of the organization, its competitors’ visual identities, and potential uses from stationery to billboard to assure the final design can succeed in all aspects.

People who use these guides or briefs when executing projects for a brand include ad designers, web designers, printers, media and other third-parties.

These documents keeps everyone ‘on brand.’ Having the guide in place results in fewer revision cycles and increases the likelihood your brand will be represented as you intend everywhere it’s seen.

The Visual Identity Design exercise is a key step in building a powerful brand identity.

The 2015 Color of the Year


It’s Marsala – according to the Pantone Color Institute.  An “impactful … elegant and grounded” color that emanates “a sophisticated, natural earthiness” that recalls its namesake wine.

Hello, Artists!
We’re always interested in seeing portfolio work to increase the range of styles we support so if you’re an artist, get in touch – we’d love to meet you and see your work.

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