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Your best business research tool.  Ever.

LinkedIn arrived around the same time Facebook and Twitter emerged so it was dubbed the ‘business social network.’ But it’s really more an ever-expanding repository of business research powered by a good advanced search tool.

Want to find someone in a decision-making role in your target industry? Use advanced search and see who knows you AND your target and get an introduction.

Want to find a qualified candidate or vendor?
Use advanced search to narrow the results to geography and job titles that match your needs.

Want to attract the new business?
Optimize your profile with keywords that will draw the kind of business leads you want. People actually DO use LinkedIn to find the right product or service provider.

Get started without us by visiting LinkedIn expert and trainer Wayne Breitbarth’s website where you can sign up for his weekly tip email (truly useful) and more resources.  Understanding what LinkedIn really is and can do is the most powerful lesson and Wayne’s site is filled with free lessons.  He wrote the book The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success. We brought him into the city for a day of training and every attendee felt they learned something they could immediately put to good use and rated the value ‘excellent.’ Sign up for his weekly tip email and find more resources at .

If you’d like our help, we can optimize your team member profiles and maximize your company profile with content to extend your content marketing reach.

The Wizard of LinkedIn


We brought Wayne Breitbarth, the author of The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success in for a day of great training. Don’t miss this great page of Wayne’s LinkedIn Resources – they’re filled with downloads that will help you catch up or super-charge your LinkedIn efforts.

Connect with Chris Shirer, our chief strategist, at (614) 246-7770 to get started or drop us an email here.

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