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Digital marketing tools are limitless. And many don’t seem to cost very much.

There’s more to assessing a digital channel choice than what you pay in campaign fees.

Even free tools and channels carry extra costs: time spent feeding the beast, maintaining the relationships you encourage, adjusting campaigns for best results, and confirming your efforts return the results you were after.

Having a good digital brand strategy in place BEFORE you make tool choices makes it easy to choose well and define success. Better yet, your team will feel their efforts are manageable, measurable and sustainable.

Creativity and Innovation


In their Capitalizing on Complexity study, IBM interviewed 1,500 CEOs worldwide. They overwhelmingly named creativity as the single most important leadership competency in the new economy.

“[Leadership] standouts practice and encourage experimentation and innovation throughout their organizations. Creative leaders expect to make deeper business model changes to realize their strategies. To succeed, they take more calculated risks, find new ideas, and keep innovating in how they lead and communicate.”

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