Channel Analysis

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Your marketing mix defines the messaging you’re shipping through the channels available to you.

What are you using? Is it working? What are your goals?

How about your competitors — what are they using and is it working?

We look inside and survey the landscape to determine what’s working (doesn’t have to be digital) and what’s worth testing.

Traditional media (broadcast television, radio, cable, print), direct mail, public relations, out-of-home (billboards, electronic signage), community advertising (sponsoring Little League) – all these channels continue to deliver value when they’re used correctly and the creative work is on-brand and asking for a response.

Creativity and Innovation


In their Capitalizing on Complexity study, IBM interviewed 1,500 CEOs worldwide. They overwhelmingly named creativity as the single most important leadership competency in the new economy.

“[Leadership] standouts practice and encourage experimentation and innovation throughout their organizations. Creative leaders expect to make deeper business model changes to realize their strategies. To succeed, they take more calculated risks, find new ideas, and keep innovating in how they lead and communicate.”

Contact us for a Marketing Mix Inventory to see if we can help.  If it’s not us, we’ll get you pointed in the right direction.

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