Chris Shirer

President | Chief Strategist

Chris leads marketing strategy and defines business return expectations with clients. She is the person who executes digital brand management programs and vendor reviews, competitive market analyses and cooperative marketing opportunities.

She excels in making complex digital programs simple to understand, creating programs that support brand stories, and defining which tools and channels are best suited to deliver desired results.

Chris pursued a path in interactive media following a career in broadcast media and video production. Her experience as a business owner leads her to set program goals that can be managed by client teams and will return value.

A Pittsburgh native and graduate of the University of Rochester, New York, Chris has made Columbus, Ohio her home base. She has served on the Advisory Board for the Urban Land Institute’s Columbus District Council, completed board terms as Vice President for both the Short North Business Association and the North Market Development Authority.

In her free time she pursues the arts – drawing, painting, encaustic, polymer clay, glass work and the culinary arts. She is the loving guardian of The Rocket who manages office morale and client treats and new super special Appalachian Jackhuahua Porch Hound Lily with One Blue Eye.  (The dogs run the company.)

The Story is The Thing


Norway’s “Slow TV” – broadcast video of a 7-hour train journey, an 18-hour fishing expedition, a knitting competition. The “world’s most boring television” proves to be a way to collaboratively storytell and ignite social sharing. Really. See the 18-minute story.

Connect with Chris Shirer, our chief strategist, at (614) 246-7770 to get started or drop us an email here.

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