Got questions? We’ve got answers.

Q: I don’t see my type of company in your portfolio – do you work with other types of businesses?

A: We have a legacy portfolio of more than 300 websites we’ve built that reach into a wide range of business categories from professional service firms to industrial clients, not for profits, retail, restaurants, entertainment and online-only. There’s a good chance we can work with you but if we feel we know someone who specializes in your space and could do a better job, we’ll definitely provide a referral.

Q: How long does it take to design, build and launch a new website?

A:  We always provide a timeline in our proposals with the average being 8 – 12 weeks for most of our projects. Project length is always dependent upon how much content for the website is readily available and how prompt feedback is during the production process.  We’ve executed rush projects and smaller promotional sites in 4 weeks or less.  Some projects have taken 16 – 24 weeks because of their complexity.

Q:  What do you require from clients to get started?

A:  We’ll help kick things off with a Discovery session to get all the details of what you hope your new website will do for your business so we can create the right plan.  We’ll want you to invite all the people who will be affected by or have a say in your new website.  If you don’t have a ‘creative brief’ or ‘style guide’ for us to work from that defines your brand’s visual identity (fonts, colors, logo treatments and photography style), we’ll need to create one for you.  It’s additional expense but will make your life much easier for a long time when you need new graphics or collaterals created by other providers.

Q:  Do you provide SEO as part of your website design package?

A:  We provide basic SEO services (page titling and tagging) so search indexers can understand what each page on your site is about.  We’ll advise on copy strategies to assist your on-page copy with meeting basic SEO standards.  If you intend to purchase search advertising or are in a highly competitive business category, we will recommend a dedicated SEO provider who will be equipped with the latest understanding of how to optimize and maintain optimized performance with search engines for businesses in your category.  Search a complicated, always changing landscape that requires specialized training and the right budget and talent to be effective.

Q:  Are you able to deliver WCAG compliant websites to meet accessibility standards?

A:  We can and do. The choice to deliver an accessible website is up to the client, though, as it requires additional expense and a commitment to on-going scanning to assure compliance is maintained post-launch. We advise clients to meet the AA standard – the second of three tiers of accessibility compliance – which meets compliance while still delivering an artful presentation for the general audience.

Q:  How much does a business website cost?

A:  The range is extremely wide and we would not take a project unless we felt that we could deliver back value equivalent to the cost within a reasonable amount of time.  Custom website projects that include business strategy, development of a creative brief and features requiring configuration or connection to third parties are much different from small business web presences that require only a few pages in order to assure the business can be found online. There are many DIY platforms (Wix, SquareSpace, WordPress) that can deliver a solid result for people willing to take the time to build their site or hire a freelancer to configure a site if your budget maximum is in the hundreds to a few thousand dollars.

Our projects tend to be for businesses with an established marketing budget equivalent to about 3% of the company’s gross revenue.  We don’t take the entire 3-percent!  This is just a good benchmark for figuring the total amount a small to medium-sized business should be allocating to expenses (outside payroll) for their marketing efforts.

Websites have a relatively long life in business unless you’re in a design-related field where being ‘of the moment’ is essential. When figuring out whether the cost justifies the results, remember to amortize the cost over at least three years for a well-produced design that won’t age quickly. It’s a suit you’ll wear for a while.

Q: What are post-launch costs associated with a new website?

A:  This is a range of cost from as little as $25/month if you are hosting directly with a service such as GoDaddy and plan to do all updates yourself to thousands of dollars a month if you will need graphics, accessibility maintenance, copywriting and general update services provided for you.

The biggest factor is how active you intend your website to be in terms of content updates.  Updating regularly provides a big bonus in search performance.  If you or someone on your team is committed to and trained to make updates, you can reduce your out-of-pocket post-launch costs but don’t forget that your time has a price tag, too.

A good average ‘web management’ agreement that is a retained services agreement of at least a year’s duration should include hosting, managing updates for security and platform improvements, assisting with a couple of hours a month of support and/or update time. These post-launch agreements are generally between $200 – $500/month but save you a lot of frustration by allowing skilled professionals to quickly and accurately do the job. Almost every one of our clients has a retained services agreement with us.  We have a 30-day cancellation clause and never hold websites hostage if someone needs to make a change. We should all be comfortable in the deals we make.

Q: How do we get started?

A: Request a call through our Contact Us page, providing as much detail as you’d like including the address of your current website. Or, you can call Chris Shirer directly at (614) 246-7770.

Not finding what you want? Reach out directly through our Contact Us page.