Email Marketing

Does email marketing work? Yep.

We help our clients with email marketing in a variety of ways. Some clients provide us ready creative from their agency designers and others rely upon us to design and regularly deploy a campaign schedule we collaborate to define.

When we also manage the client’s website, we can make quick work of developing a landing page for email marketing campaigns so recipients can click from email to make a purchase, a reservation, or to learn more about new products and services.

Email marketing management is priced based on what we’re doing, how often and how much. We’re happy to have a conversation about what you need.

Three Quick Questions

What’s the first step?
We’ll do a discovery session with your team to understand the purpose and goals of your email communications. We’ll do an inventory of prior campaigns and  results. We’ll return a recommendations report with pricing for engagement specific to your needs.

Which email platforms do you support?
We are happy to work with the platform of your choice but have been most happy with MailChimp due to their amazing, in-the-moment client support. Sometimes engaging us brings an opportunity to assess which platform is the best fit for your current needs.

Can we be hired for only email marketing service?
Yes! We don’t have to host your website to work with you on email marketing.